Biceps Exercizes

Two Arm Barbell Curl

One Arm Barbell Curl

One arm Dumbell Curl Standing or seated flat or at an incline for body

One arm Dumbell Rotating Curl

Alternating One Arm Dumbell Curls

Alternating One Arm Dumbell Rotating Curl

Two Arms at a time Dumbell Curl

Two Arms at a time Rotational Dumbell Curls

Dumbell Hammer Curls


Three Angled Dumbell curls; a regular dumbell, followed by Hammer, followed by reverse wrist, with this cycle repeated to failure

Static Holds with dumbells or barbells

Slow Lowers or Negative only

Spider Deadlifts

Tabletop Rotations for Biceps

Preacher Curls at various inclines for upper arm to rest against

Bent Over Free Hanging Curls dumbell or Barbell

"Texas Power Curls" done with barbell resting on thighs has leser range of motion than regular curls so you can use more weight

EZ Bar Curls - barbell curls done with a special bar meant to ease stress on wrists; can use this for all applicable barbell exercizes above

Barbell Hammer grip curl - you need a trap bar or some bar with a handle allowing a hammer like grip to be utilized

Cable Curls - cables used for all applicable exercizes from above

Kettlebell Curls - Kettlebells used for all applicable dumbell exercizes above

Plate Curls - Bicep curls done with one arm or both with weight plates; not a wrist curl but plate curls will work grip and wrist far more than regular curls

Odd Ball curls - Two Arm curls with Metal kegs with liquid inside used for extra resistance

Static Box Hold - fill a crate or something that can support weight and lift it onto an elevated surface. Then lift it into an upright deadlift hold position and hold it with it resting on your forearms with your biceps holding it up with an underhand grip either one arm or two arms at a time until you fail or drop the box. This can also be done starting with an empty box or crate and having someone add weight incrementally while you hold the box. This will work the lower back somewhat but if held with no back arch it puts a lot of emphasis on biceps.

Barbell hammer curl, with a very short barbell or custom made barbell (not a lengthy Olympic bar) tilt the ba upright with one plate on top and the other on bottom. Lift with both arms and curl it.

Thick bar curls; all above dumbell and barbell exercizes with a very thick bar 2 or 3 inches diameter

Curls with Thumbell Grip - all above dumbell and barbell exercizes with thumbless grip