Ms Olympias

Rachel McLish 1980 and 1982

Famous for her apperance in the documentary movie Pumping Iron 2 in which the Caesars World Cup contest was created in 1983 specifically for the movie. Even though she won the Ms Olympia contest the year before in 1982 she did not win the contest in the movie. She also placed second in the Ms Olympia contest in 1984 after the movie. The movie via editing and style portrayed her as the film's villain like Arnold was portrayed as the hero in Pumping Iron. She was the winner of the first Ms Olympia contest in 1980 also so its kind of a slap in the face she was not allowed to win the contest in the movie. Rachel later went in to do some mainstream movie like Aces: Iron Eagle III and Raven Hawk in the 90s.
Carla Dunlap 1983 AKA Bodyshaping Black Chick

Carla Dunlap is most known for Bodyshaping and Pumping Iron 2. In her younger years she was into swimming and gymnastics. In the 1977 Junior National Team Championships competition she won the gold medal in synchronized swimming. In 1983 she won her Ms Olympia contest and in the 90s she went on to do Bodyshaping, and tv commentary about Bodybuilding. She offers personal training services as of 2015. Carla Dunlap won the Caesars World Cup contest featured in the movie Pumping Iron 2. When the film was released she won the 1985 Chicago Sun Times Sex Symbol of the Year competition at the Cannes Film Festival. She also became famous during her time on the Bodyshaping tv series that run on ESPN and ESPN 2 in the 90s and beyond.

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Cory Everson 1984 to 1989

Cory Everson won the Ms Olympia contest 6 years in a row from 1984 to 1989. She also never lost a Ms Olympia contest that she participated in. She produced and was the original host of the ESPN Bodyshaping show. The show episodes mostly shown in reruns over the years are the ones without her though. She later hosted her own show on ESPN, Cory Everson's Gotta Sweat. She adopted 2 children from Russia and went on to star in a variety of Tv shows and movies. She has starred in Double Impact, Ballistic, Natural Born Killers, Charmed, Hercules the Legendary Journeys, and Home Improvements amonst other TV shows and movies.

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Lenda Murray 1990 to 1995 and 2002-2003

Lenda Murray has the second highest amount of Ms Olympia contest wins of all time. Only Iris Kyle has more. In high School Lenda was a Varisty cheerleader and sprinter. While in college she was homecoming queen in 1982. She was a professional cheerleader in the United Stated Football League before it shut down. She lost the Ms Olympia contest in 1997 and went into retirement. She later came back and won the Ms Olympia in 2002 and 2003. She has been featured on the Flex Magazine workout tv show in the 90s and on talk shows such as Geraldo and even Jerry Springer. She has 11 grandkids.

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Kim Chizevsky 1996 to 1999

Juliette Bergmann 2001

Yaxeni Oriquen 2005

Iris Kyle 2004 and 2006 to 2014

Iris Kyle was born in 1974 and had 5 siblings growing up. She has more Ms Olympia wins than any other woman in history. She has 10 wins as of 2014. She has been in one epsiode of the TV show Wipeout. She was an All American in Basketball in College.

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