Internet Legends and Phenomenons

Max Misch AKA Diesel Weasel

Originally a smaller frame lifter famous for his less than perfect form as he deadlifts heavy weight. Check out video at amazing he had the grip strength to hold onto the weight that long. He slowly lifts it up in a hitching fashion with his head looking straight up. Some consider him the textbook definition of dangerous and bad lifting form. I consider him inspiring for his not give up yet get the weight up any way he can attitude. He has developed into a respected power lifter.

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Kara Bohigian AKA Bench Press Barbie

Famous for her standing military press video with bumper plates that look like multiple 45 pounders together making the weight look to be 300 plus. It was just like 145 or so though. . She also held several Powerlifting records for her weight class in the Squat, the Bench Press, and Power lifting totals for a competition. Her hair dangling down like a pony tail as she lifts is her trademark but her standing military press is really what she is famous for to a lot of people.
Nicole Carroll AKA "Cross Fit Nicole

A cross fit devotee famous for her video of doing a bodyweight overhead squat for 15 reps among other inspirationl videos.

She also is famous for early Youtube videos that helped promote cross fit via the Workout of the Day that became known as The Nasty Girls. This workout consisted of 3 rounds for time of: 50 Squats 7 Muscle-ups 10 Hang power cleans (135/95lbs) Watch the video and read more about it at CrossfitAggieland Nasty Girls

Internet Gurus

Scooby Werkstatt AKA Scooby

Famous for beginner level how to lifting videos and articles. He hyper focuses on form but interjects humor showing what bad form is for weightlifting. He has also done funny mock infomercials about how the fitness industry promotes things.

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Lui Marco

Has a fitness related youtube channel with inspirational videos about freedom and happiness in addition to older videos about training.

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