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Larry Scott AKA "the Legend 1965 to 1966
Known for Scott Curls - This was the first Mr Olympia winner. He won two contests in a row beginning a trend of winners tending to win more than one Mr O and often to repeat with back to back wins. He is famous for his biceps development and the exercise he invented known as Scott curls. Scott curls are what are now called "preacher curls" and are curls done with the arm resting against a verticical platform attached to a bench. In essence the arm rests against the bench in a near dead hang or at a slight angle and curls are done with no cheating as the arm is held stationary to prevent the shoulders and upper back from assisting the biceps in the movement. Died March 8 2014

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Sergio Oliva AKA "the Myth" 1967 to 1969

This was the guy that defeated Arnold in 69 (the only time Arnold was ever defeated in a Mr Olympia contest) and was the champion before Arnold came along in essence. In 1970 Arnold Scwartzenegger's first Mr O win was with Sergio Oliva coming second. In 1968 Sergio won the Mr Olympia contest unopposed as all his competitors sat out the event. Arnold even sat out this event and decided to compete in the Mr Universe contest instead of the Mr Olympia contest which was held the same day.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger 1970 to 1975 and 1980

Arnold is the "one and only" as often he was called during his Mr Olympia victories. He began as a powerlifter and later moved to the US from Austria to compete in bodybuilding. He once went AWOL while on active duty in the Austrian army to compete in a junior bodybuilding contest. Arnold won the Mr O 6 times in a row and "retired from bodybuilding" in 1975 to pursue a career in Hollywood. In 1980 he competed and won the Olympia again largely to generate publicity for his upcoming movie Conan the Barbarian. Arnold's charsima was such that Joe Weider the founder of the Mr Olympia stated if the sport didn't have Arnold they would have to invent him. Arnold is the most famous bodybuilder of all time easily. His popularity in action movies, bodybuilding, and in politics is unique in history.

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Franco Columbu 1976 and 1981

A two time Mr Olympia famous for his short size and extreme strength. He competed in the 1977 Worlds Strongest Man contest and injured his knee during a refrigerador carry event. Held Several world records in powerlifting at one point and was an a boxer in Italy before that. Famous for moving a car out of the way in Pumping Iron and starred in cameo roles with long time friend Arnold Schwartzenegger in the Terminator and Conan the Barbarian. He is the future war Terminator carrying the huge gun in Terminator. Franco also trained Sylvester Stallone for Rocky II.

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Frank Zane 1977-1979

Known as an "Aesthetic Mr Olympia. Won three Mr Olympias then was defeated by Arnold and Chris Dickerson and would not reclaim the Mr O title again. Frank Zane was a spokesman for Soloflex in the past and appeared on the Flex Magazine workout show in the 90's.

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Chris Dickerson 1982

Won his first and only Mr Olympia and 43 years of age. An accomplished Opera singer and competed in bodybuilding for more than 16 years before winning his one Mr O title. He is the oldest Mr Olympia winner of all time.

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Samir Bannout 1983
AKA the Lion of Lebanon and "Christmas Tree Back" guy

Competed in 11 Mr Olympia contests, only two people have competed in more Mr Olympia contests. His win in 1983 led to the coining of a new phrase the "Christmas tree" which refers to a triangular Christmas tree shape that occurs during a back lat spread when the spinal erectors and lats are very developed and one has very low bodyfat.

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Lee Haney 1984 to 1991

Famous for his streak of 8 Mr Olympia wins in a row that was unmatched until Ronnie Coleman tied the feat. No one have ever won 9 Mr Olympias though. Lee Haney is famous for his back development and charismatic smile.

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Dorian Yates 1992 to 1997

Dorian was from England originally and was famous for his superior back development. He made a form of barbell rowing he called Yates row popular. In the movement you use an underhand grip and stand more upright. He did tear a biceps doing rows this way later on though. In 1994 he won the Mr Olympia contest inspite of a torn biceps. In 1997 he tore a triceps and competed and won in his last Mr Olympia.

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Ronnie Coleman 1998 to 2005

Ronnie is the "People's champ" Before becoming Mr O Ronnie was a police officer in Texas. What sets him apart from others is he kept his full time Police Officer job for a few years while he was Mr O. Working a full time job while being the best bodybuilder in the world is something no one else not even Arnold has done before. Ronnie is tied with Lee Haney for the most Mr Olympia wins at 8. Ronnie has a series of videos that chronicle his lifting adventures including the "Unbelieveable." Famous for heavy lifts and catch phrases such as "Light Weight Baby" and "Ain't Nothing but a Peanut." Jay Cutler 2006 2007 2009 2010

After coming in second place in 2001 2003 2004 and 2005 he won his first Olympia in 2006 and held onto his title in 2007 against Ronnie who says 2007 would be his last Mr O contest. Jay is most famous for his shoulder development and his extreme tan for the contests.
Dexter Jackson 2008

Dexter has the nickname the Blade and is one of the shorter Mr Olympias ever as he is only 5 feet 6 inches tall.

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Phil Heath 2011 to 2014

Phil is famous for his forearm development. His Brachioradialis which is the forearm muscle largely responsible for overhand curls is probably the most developed in history.

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