Weight lifting Workout Log June 23rd 2006/July 3rd 2006/July 8th 2006

June 23rd

mil 90 for 7 reps after real long rest narrow grip best did before was 11 or so I think

workout 2 8 reps, workout 3 eight reps

July 3rd

wide military 90 pounds 6 reps seems awkward

front squat 90 pounds 5 reps only

Heavy deadlift decided to add this one next workout and skip this time just adding front squat this time

July 8th 2006

Narrow military 9 reps plus 1 rep

front squat 90 pounds goal 7 reps did 7 reps did not fail at rep bottom next time well and totally let the weight down that way

Deadlift Heavy trying with 225 probably can do less than 5 reps did 3 reps fingers failed so failed half way up on rep 4