Weight Training Workout Log for August 11th

Wide Grip Military Press wieghtlifting 90 pounds goal 10 reps did 10 reps very good almost felt rep 10 was not possible at start but slowly got it up, grunted after each rep but did. Have not done 10 reps wide with this weight before. Now just get 10 or 11 reps close grip next time and can increase weight.

Front Squat 90 pounds goal 13 reps did 13 reps. Tough question ROM but I think went all the way down basically, lean forward could be issue but I doubt it. Pleaased. Need to increase weight on this soon get it over 100 soon.

Deadlift 220 medium goal 6 reps did 4 reps fingers did not hold maybe 1/2 of rep five. Lower weight to 200 or 210 and work back from 10 reps. If no progress that way will begin doing this movement first before squat or military press. Get this one going up damn it. I think I just need to work in a lower rep range, its finger strength that fails each time also. Will try doing this first if using 210 or 200 does not allow rep increases and solid finger hold.

Part two after J on August 12th

205 deadlift lighter lift see if grip holds did 7 reps fingers held pretty good felt in glutes and back a bit, may have to do before squat see if progress next time I do this movement.

Upright Row 8 reps goal goal 7 perfect reps did 7 and a half first 5 absolute perfect, rep 6 basically perfect maybe slight chin in rep 7 big lean in so ROM reduced the partial only half way in and way reduced ROM. Aim for 6 or 7 absolutely perfect and 8 reps total.

Barbell row 155 goal 10 reps did 10 reps really question ROM and angle of attack. Maybe do one more week like this then begin adding weight. Was changing back angle throughout movement I noticed that.

dumbell curl 37.5 goal 7 and 4 did 7 and 2 left side was good form though, lack of rest after barbell row could be a factor.

Front squat and military press good progress, barbell row I think, dumbell curl right good. Deadlift trying with 205 to try to progress on this, barbell row stick with same weight one more week and aim for 10 near perfect reps. then can increase weight and possibly alternate with dumbell row which I wish to work on. Upright row focus on more perfect reps and slowly add in the partial cheats to get to 10 reps.Could alternate with dumbell lateral rasie one arm or two consider. New variations no deadlift hopefully will allow me to start progressing, if get 10 or 11 reps on narrow military then can increase weight plus 1 pound or so.