Weight Training Workout Log for Sat July 21st 2007

Old school bench 142 doing first goal 9 or 10 reps did 8 rep 8 very tough butt coming off bench like rep 6. Ok want that 9 reps back though.

Barbell row 164 goal 10 reps did 10 good form.

Narrow grip Push press 120 with first rep strict pressed up, Did 9 failed like 95 percent of way at top of last rep even tried it twice. Is ok felt in abs a bit during movement too. Next time doing push press first narrow grip I will get 10 reps. Felt in wrists also. Next workout is narrow grip strict press then on barbell curl day its wide grip strict press. Almost never do bench before overhead movement so I bet doing first I should get 10 next time, I get 9 doing after wide grip push press so fresh I think 10 is doable.

Deadlift Bent leg 240 plus 3 pounds just doing what i can do straight double overhand then regrip and do others. did 7 straight then regrip rest for 8 9 and 10 with slam down lower.

Front Squat 135 goal 5 or 6 reps. Did 4 reps no 5 reps, ah well. Could deload to 115 and work back, think on it. Want to get back to 5 reps, I think bent leg deadlift is affecting this a lot.

Upright Row narrow grip 104.5 goal 7 reps. doing as many as can in a row. Did 7 did wide grip by mistake seemed tough during with more lean in especially last reps with rest on rep 4 opps, Next time wide grip proper then narrow grip proper.

Hang Clean 115 goal 17 reps maybe more. did 17

Triceps barbell extenstion 85 goal 7 reps did 6 is ok, will microload now and not focus on gaining reps. Did do push presses this time though so that probably toasted triceps a bit also. Next time up 1/2 pound a workout soon might alternate with reverse grip triceps extension to slow weight progression to 1/2 for each a week.

Biceps exercize might try heavy dumbell cheat curls with 60 or 70 pounder think on it. Start with 60 pounder cheat curls with slow real slow lower. 60 plus bar probably 64 or so did 5 right with slow lower and 1 left not so controlled lower