Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday July 25 2007

Dumbell row 99 goal 8 and 6, last time did not do it fresh so might can do these reps. did 6 left then 7 right and regrip and did rep 8. Felt weaker/awkward pull angle on right side. Goal 7 good ones no regrip next time.

Military press narrow 104.5 goal 9 reps did 8 only but really did extend at top, keep this weight and really shot for 9 next time.

Overhead Squat 70 goal 8 reps, last time I lowered for rep 8 attempt but could not get up, will microload to progress if don't get to 8 this time.

Door Chins with shoes goal 6 good reps maybe 7.did 6 same as last time did fresh, wearing shoes and rep 6 a real struggle touched ceiling with struggle though others were way tough with legs brushing against door for leverage I think way tough. Maybe get 7 sometime soon or at least try for 7 from bottom need to be able to get 6 head to ceiling not too tough first.

Pec flies 15 with duct taped 1 pound to each dumbell for 16 goal 12 or so reps. did 12 so same reps and up 1 pound a dumbell.

Strict press narrow and push press with 120 just going for it see if I can get 10 reps. Just feel like it. did strict press 120 seemed sorta tough then 8 more reps for 9 total, went down to try for rep 10 push press but no luck. Will have soon I think. When I do push presses fresh. Felt in wrists and one rep I was walking about a bit.

Straightleg Deadlift slow lower 180 goal 16 reps regripping after rep 13 if have to regrip. only did 8 right forearm felt off so just terminated set. is ok though, will do slow lower next time instead of fast lower is ok.

*Upright Row narrow 104.5 goal 7 reps because did wide last time by mistake *feel like skipping this one so I can do other pressing movements.

Triceps barbell extension 86 goal 6 reps did 6 felt a bit in wrist I do change angle on last tough reps to make easier. Still its how I have always done them so seems like progress. Did get nice stretch on lower part. 1/2 pound from now on.

Dumbell curl heavy 45 plus bar goal 8 and 11 last time did two more reps than usual so might be a bit less this time. did 8 left with last a way lean in, I think hang cleans toast the biceps so do this on non hangclean day will research. Right 11 with lean back last two reps last rep really a lean back but felt.