Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday July 28th

Wide Grip Military Press 113 goal 6 reps, last time did just 5 see if doing wide grip less helps or hurts or no affect. did 4 only and seemed heavy. hmm see if strict press goes up at least. Need to try doing fast with no pause at top, I was pausing at top which means slow lower probably also. Lets just try narrow wide, narrow push press, wide push press like that. See if narrow grip goes up at least.

Barbell row 165 goal 10 reps did

Old school bench 142.5 goal 9 reps 8 will be a 1 rep gain with 1/2 pound more but want 9. did 9 excellent.

Deadlift Bent leg 242 plus 2 pounds just doing what I can in a row with double overhand then regrip and resting as long as necessary to get to 10 reps with as many regrips as necessary. Probably 6 or 7 in a row I imagine but just doing best. did 5 and like 3/4 then regrips to get to 10.

narrow grip upright narrow 104.5 goal 7 reps, did7 first 5 in a row then slight rest and did 6 and 7 some chin lean in on 6 and 7, seemed heavy today but reps like normal.

Front Squat 135 goal 5 reps haven't done in a while. used narrow grip did 5 reps. Felt more natural on torso and movement more up and down but left wrist felt big time. Might try wide grip next time maybe alternate, think on it. or might use this more natural grip. clean felt awkward I guess that was kind of telling me cleans from hang would be tough too.

Hang Clean 115 goal 18 reps grip and wrists too weak felt i was dropping bar so just did 6, I was resting on legs to lessen difficulty to grip, ah well. Next time will do. Felt I couldn't clean at full speed without dropping also. Next time hang clean and straightleg deadlift might try door chin too so will be a long workout. someday might move hang cleans to being done before upright rows squats and deadlifts to focus more on them. Doing hang clean before bent leg deadlifts might be an option.

Barbell curl 107 goal 5 reps did . Might try cheats right after grip is weak though. first attempt bar did not move, then tried again got 5 all with a slight lean back was cursing during reps so tough. . Might deload to 95 and start back think on it. Wrist and grip was weak this time also. So next time try again same 107 see how that goes. Resting 10 minutes and repping out with 95 just to see how many I can do. did 1 rep feeling a lot in wrists then failed rep 2, so pretty sure something taxed the biceps maybe the hang cleans because I did slow and weak wrists from front squat new hand position probably. Will see what happens next time and will try with normal wide grip front squat grip. Just trying wall curl for experiemnt to see max now trying with 65 for reps. did 10 things on garage wall getting in way so did affect how far I had to lean away slight and ability to bring bar up all the way, next time try in hallway to garage when i try for this.

Triceps 86.5 goal 6 reps did 6 rep 6 was really pressed up a lot of the way I think toward end of rep. Push presses, after bench and wide grip probably affected this. Begin alternting with reverse grip triceps extension with 65 or so.