Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday August 1st 2007

Strict press narrow grip 121 then push presses plus 1 pound did 2 strrict presses and 6 push presses for 8 total, work back to 10 over time. Felt a slight bit in left wrist. (before work)

Dumbell row 94 plus bar or 99 goal 9 and 7 doing left first did ;7 left and 8 with not so good form and was tough did not have to regrip though so progress over last workout. Do right arm first next time. Rubber grip tearing makes it hurt a bit to grip, might change to good metal grip dumbell. (before work)

dumbell flies trying with 20's did 7 (before work)

Overhead Squat 71 goal 8 reps might only do 7 or so. did 8 reps rep 6 accidentally dipped bar a bit and touched head no biggie though. Rep 8 not too tough. (before work)

Door chins with shoes goal 7 reps or 6 easy, reall trying for 7 coudl only do 5 door was swinging too seemed very tough. trouble getting rep 4 up even. Ah well try fresh next time. Was really brushing knees up against friction might have actually made lift tougher. did in work pants and shirt rather than usual workout attire could be a pound or so there. Try again Saturday fresh and barbell row secondary. Grooove did seem off. Next workout will be door chins, narrow grip military strict press, Barbell row, Bench, deadlift, front squat, Upright row, biceps, triceps. (before work trying again after) Rep loss might be due to less rest after rows and other movements as did before work rushed. Could be due to lack of rest and doing second, have only done 6 reps twice before with shoes one fresh one without so very well could be everything not perfect to do it second if rest not ideal, and after less rest on first set second set would be tough too. Second set felt more natural less sliding up door early on. Try next time see if I get 6. Really focus and get it. Could be went further down or held at bottom longer too. Will see next time. Could try cheat lowers right after using stool to get up there just slide in right after fail and do negatives. don't leave stoool under the entire time though, consider this.

Straightleg deadlift slow lower ended set early last time 180 goal 16 regripping on rep 13 if need be did 16 slow lower regripped on rep 13 and rested maybe 5 seconds then did 14 15 and 16. Good

Upright Row wide 98.5 goal 8 reps did 8 reps rep 4 or so accidentally missed chin rep 5 did then rest and did 6 7 and 8 or just 7 and 8 all pretty good form only rep 8 used some momentum to get to chin slightly. Picture perfect form early on, good.

Hang Clean 115 goal 18 reps did 20 outstanding didn't pause and rest till like rep 12 or so. Increase to 120 or so just see how many reps I can do.

Might try door chins again goal 6 reps or 7 only 5 this time rep 5 couldn't go all the way up, didn't regrip to try rep 5 this time like previous earlier today. Next time try fresher aim for 6 reps. Will get 6 again when fresh, could be weight gain or not doing this fresh that was factor. not sure if went all the way down on rep 5. Want the 6 back though. Basically down a rep is ok though. Second set felt more natural though.

Dumbell curl heavy 45 plus bar or 49 goal 9 and 12 doing left arm first, hang clean might affect reps. did 9 left with major lean back rep 8 and 9, right arm did 11 only with 11 very tough, focusing on slow lower more right I think. Goal is 10 left then we increase weight though so left arm is focus. Right arm reps felt easier early on big time.

Triceps underhand barbell extension new movement trying with just 65 did 4 felt different in wrist a bit, perhaps stopped early but is ok since new movement, next time will try for 5.