Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday August 4 2007

Door chins did first did 5 reps, with rep 5 not all the way head to ceiling. Might try doing negatives with chair afterword sometime also. Could also be getting heavier and thats a reason its tougher. Or perhaps full extension and all the way head to ceiling makes it way tougher. goal 5 good reps with head to ceiling then work on 6 again, negatives afterwords.

Military Press Narrow 105 goal 8 or 9 reps want 9 reps. did 9 reps did relatively fast but with hold at top good. Want 10 reps again will get it with narrow push press thrown in I am sure.

Barbell row 166 goal 10 reps did 10 very stationary back

Old school bench 143 goal 9 reps did 6 only with rep one very tough.

Deadlift Bent leg 242 goal 6 reps straight then regrip double overhand and do rest till get to 10. did only 4 then regrip and did to 6 5 and 6. Phone book tear toasted grip I think. Next time will get 6 straight.

Front Squat wider grip 135 goal 5 reps. did 5 narrow grip last time. did 4 wide only lowered right at top. Might stick to narrow grip seems more natural.

Narrow grip upright row 105 goal 7 reps did 7 like 4 with no rest then 5 missed chin acciendtaly 6 slightly missed because weak and 7 leaned in and used some momentum.

Barbell curl doing against wall in hall with 75 for reps. did 6 with back and butt against wall elbows moved about slightly.

Triceps overhand barbell extensions 87 goal 6 reps only did 5 going up 1/2 a workout is tough on this, seemd heavy too, could be way leaning back the bar on lower part to get stretch more/