Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday August 8 2007

121 strict press twice then push presses goal 9 reps total did 2 strict 7 push press, strict press rep 2 kind of tough push press even rep 7 not that tough, felt in wrists throughout though. Impressive might get 10 next time. (before work) lowered weight near lawnmower so bar touched it on way down slightly.

Overhead Squat going up 4 pounds to 75 just doing what i can do, reps will be way down just feel like it, work back to 8 over time perhaps. did 5 did not try rep 6 and a slam down a bit not under as much control at end.

Dumbell Row 94 plus bar sticking to same dumbell handle with grip giving for now goal 9 right really want 10 and 8 left, doing right side first. did 10 right last two or three reps were angled in more like barbell row andnot pulled perhaps as high or as smooth but good. Get 10 reps left and can increase weight. did 8 left last rep or two more to crotch than stomach good though this is how I do last right reps also. Get to 10 left and can increase weight.

Dumbell Flies with 20's goal 8 reps did 8 did not try for 9 just aiming for 1 rep a workout for now.

Straightleg Deadlift 185 fast lower goal 19 did 18 and 1/2 fingers failed half way up trying for rep 19. Accidentally bent legged the first few I think 3 or so not done intentionally though. Next time in two weeks after slow lower try again for 19 clean Will get and do all straight leg. Or could do slow lower than right to 190 and try to work back to 20 , think on it. Think I will give it a few more workouts to try to get to 20 even if have to set down and regrip to get last 2 or 3. Get back to 20 reps yes. Probably can do a month or so two straight leg slow lower two fast lower sessions.

Upright row Wide 98.5 goal 8 did 8 6 in a row second or two rest then 7 and 8 with slight lean in, good.

Hang Clean might go up to 120 and work back to 20 reps did 13 might could have done more but seemed good with new weight, leg dip a lot more early on and rests. Aim for 15 reps next time.

Dumbell Curl heavy 45 plus bar or 49 goal 10 and 12, want the 10 left even if have to cheat curl with momentum the last rep, then try with 50 hex next time did 10 left with rep 10 a big lean back maybe slight momentum not really though. Right used 50 hex did 4 fairly slow lower pretty good form. 50 hex seems heavier. Next time will go up 1 pound maybe two via quarters to 46 or 47 plus bar. When get to 50 plus bar hex should be about the same. Probably go with 2 pounds up.

Triceps underhand barbell extension with 65 goal 5 plus reps. Might try repping out reverse grip military press and push press reverse grip after see how it goes. did 5 reps then 6 reverse grip presses and 3 push press, feel only in delts not triceps at all so kind of stopped early. Reverse grip triceps seems to feel awkward in wrist feel less in triceps than in wrist almost.