Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday August 11 2007

Wide grip military press 113 goal 5 or 6 reps. Did 5 ok consdiering I am just doing once per week. (before work)

Barbell row 167 goal 10 reps did 10 seems to be getting tougher feeling heavy but did 10 easy reps no back movement. Fingers held but felt a bit due to cuts/game playing I think see if it affects deadlift grip will see.

Old school bench 143 goal 7 reps plus did 7 odd setup though still a rep up from last time.

Deadlift Bent leg 242 goal 6 reps straight then regrip double overhand and do rest till get to 10. did 6 then rest regrip and got to 10, even first rep seemed heavy. Fingers giving big time rep 6 left hand thumb not mashing in on way up but went basically all the way up. Next time aim for 7 before regrip when get that add 2 pounds or 3 or so.

Front Squat narrow grip 136 goal 5 reps only did 4 wrist weak felt a lot after left side grip weak I noticed after set.

Narrow grip upright row 105.5 goal 7 reps did 7 with some momentum and last one missing chin seemed heavy.

Door chins goal 6 reps doing as many as can head to ceiling then partials then negatives. did 3 to ceiling very tough then like 2 partials not all the way headto chin then 5 negatives for 10 total reps. Negatives I felt a bit in lats I think. Used stool for them. I wonder what doing underhand or overhand with bar would be like. Not really progressing on this, wrist and grip weak though noticed that on front squats doubt its a factor on this though. Need to figure a way to progress, see if negative and partial chins help. Might try alternating doing reps head to ceiling with just doing a smany reps as I can with reasonable ROM rather than head to ceiling necessarily. did feel in lats a bit after lowers at least.

Triceps overhand barbell extensions 87 goal 6 reps did 6 reps lowered all the way I do slightly push rather than extend but I do consistant form os I am progressing.

Barbell curl 107 same as last weeek goal goal 5 easier reps going to get tough now might deload soon. not adding weight to try tomake the reps a bit more manageable. did 5 slow lowers do have to lean back to get reps up rep 5 real tough.