Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday August 15 2007

Tried overhand grip chin off railing on steps did 2 reps, tried underhand on steps facing other direction did one. Interesting variations to be able to work with. Towl on door for door chin makes it easier to hold on for longer periods of time without feeling anything in hand hardly. Workout possibilities for chins, could do door chins and negatives, alternated with overhand grip on railing then underhand when fail with real slow negative. Can't really safely do negatives on the railing options because steps not a stable surface. Could put towel on door for door chins for negatives only and really rep and hold on those. Could try doing just a few reps not nearly to failure several times a week, so door chins 2 reps, overhand rail grip 2 reps, underhand 2 reps, and focus on doing the negative as slow as possible to increase work I am doing, do these one per day or so. Just to practice them without being overly taxed, think on it.

Narrow grip military press 105.5 goal 9 reps or so did 9 with 9 a real struggle back sensation slight, rep 8 a slight struggle too. Surprised 9 went up but it did.

Overhead Squat 75 goal 6 reps did 6 starting to lose balance on rep 6 and leaned way forward but up it went. up a rep good.

Dumbell Row 94 plus bar goal 9 left and 11 right, doing left side first and really focusing more on gaining the left rep even if right is not gained. get to 10 both arms and increase weight could start using the super heavy 100 plus bar or 104 reps would be light though as thats a 5 pound increase or so. did 9 left had to set down and regrip on rep 3 because hole in plastic grip driving into one of my fingers. Switching to metal bar no plastic insert when get to 10 for sure. did 8 right then lower retry regrip did 9, no grip sensation on plastic problem, reps really just go down right when do left first. Ah well

Dumbell flies with 20 hex goal 9 reps might even try for 10. focus on slow lower good stretch did 10 going nearly as far as possible good stretch, stopped at 10 migh thave had more in me but because danger in stretch position this is very good a plus 2 reps. Next time duct tape plates on to hex perhaps.

Slow lower straight leg deadlift with 180 goal 17 reps 14 before regripping if possible. did 14 straight slow lower then rest 10 seconds or so and did 15 16 and 17, really felt in hamstrings on rep 17 really felt in left hand later, felt odd typing even.

Upright row Wide 99 goal 8 reps did 8 7 in a row then rest a bit and did rep 8 rep 8 hit lip a bit sorta hard more momentum lean in ok though. others very good form.

Hang Clean 120 goal 15 reps did 15 might have had another or so in me but this good stopping point, 2 reps up from last time, be back at 20 soon.

Underhand grip triceps barbell extension with 65 pounds goal 6 reps did 6 reps might have stopped early ok though one rep a week gain is good.

Dumbell curl heavy increasing weight current is actually 41 plus bar or 45 or so going up to 42.5 plus bar or 46.5 or so using 1 and 1/4 plates. Make a note in past where I say 45 plus bar or 49 its actually 41 plus bar or 45. did 47.5 40 plus two 1 and 1/4 plus 4 quarters and 4 pound bar did 6 right done first and 4 left. Resting 5 minutes or so then trying overhand chins off railing for max reps. Did 2 before yesterday.

Chins off railings overhand did 3 reps tough. all the way up though. Done after curls with like 5 minute rest or something. Do go all the way down though. Alternating this and door chins might prove interesting, doing chins multiple times a week not to failure might be interesting too, do so 2 reps overhand chin and 2 reps door chins every day or every other day. Could do super slow lower after rep 2 with overhand chins or towel on door for door chin negatives.

Did some card tearing day after thursday 20 cards slow to go through. Then at end did tear with 7 cards 8 10 12 so on. Might try working with sets of 7 or 8 spread out on table doing as fast as I can trying to increase cards I can tear over time. Try timed tear for half deck ever so often, think on it.