Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday August 18 2007

Narrow grip press 121 2 reps then goal 8 other push presses for 10 reps total did 9 with rep 10 most of the way up but could just not lock out so close though, felt in left wrist a bit during left. So close to 10 probably will get next push press workout I imagine. So this is good like a partial rep up. (before work)

Barbell Row 168 goal 10 reps did 10 reps.

Bench 143.5 goal 7 reps or more did 7 pretty easy reps, coul dnot get rep 8 up, butt on bench for all reps though.

Deadlift 242 goal 7 in a row before regrip then 3 more. Did 7 in a row very good then rest and did 8 rest9 and rest 10.

Front Squat 136 goal 5 reps or so wide grip did 3 only failed rep 4 at bottom. Need to try fresh sometime. No weight increase see what happens. I think deadlift is really taking leg strength away before hand. Wrist weakness not reason for rep failure this time.

Upright row 106 goal 7 reps did 7 slow controlled last rep a bit of momentum, others slightly missed chin perhaps but grazed nearly. Might keep at this weight next time. Could alternate cheat upright rows and strict with slow lower on cheats a possiblity wide and narrow.

Triceps overhand barbell extensions 88 whatever reps I can. did 4 reps.

Chins did 3 before curls with nose over railing or touching on stairs tough to get even that. Full extension all reps though.

Curl think on which one to do, one arm barbell, hammer curls, super light or reverse curls with barbell, or strict against wall, probably hammer curls. hammer curls very strict with 30 pounds did 12 right 7 left.