Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday August 23 2007

Narrow grip military press 106 goal 9 reps or so. did 9 very good, 8 tough then lean back and real struggle to get 9, lean back is key to getting last tough reps even if seem very tough at beginning.

Overhead Squat 76 goal 6 reps did 5 only failed on way up, rep one was like a step forward also. Keep this weight till get 6 reps back.

Dumbell Row 94 plus bar goal 10 left 11 or 12 right. Just going to big dumnbell 100 plus bar or 104 just do what I can do might go back to regular wegiht if need be. did 4 left some trouble balancing picked up dumbell three times till felt balanced enough, and 5 right. Smaller mashed grip has made it so haven't had to balance dumbell as much I think. Ok might work up from here to 10 reps, when get to 10 time for new bars.

Dumbell Flies with 20's goal 11 or more reps did 11 good mht ahve had more in me but this is good 1 rep up because of danger at bottom stretch a bit.

Slow fast straight leg deadlift with 185 goal 20 reps (skipped)

Upright row Wide 99.5 goal 8 reps (skipped)

Hang Clean 120 goal 16 or more reps did 16 did not try for 17 was tough might have had another rep or so in me maybe. Was using legs to slow the lower I think a slight bit and pauses between reps. Is ok work back to 20 reps.

Underhand grip triceps barbell extension with 66 pounds goal 6 reps might do less though. did 6 might have had more in me though, next time try for as many as can and not just a 1 rep increase if I can do more.

Dumbell curl heavy 47.5 goa 7 and 5 did 7 and 5 with left side done first, good.