Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday August 25 2007

Widegrip military press 113.5 goal 5 reps. Did 5 good. (before work)

Barbell Row 169 goal 10 reps did 10 reps. did 10 reps some reps missed chest slightly not on purpose though last rep and like rep 8 or so.

Bench 144 goal 7 reps plus did 7

Deadlift 245 doing what I can in a row then regripping resting till get to 10 reps. did 5 really 4 and like 90 percent of way up rep 5 might have been all the way up but could not lower under control so like a drop, then rest and did 5 6 ;7 8 9 rest between each rep 10 just like 25 percent of way up. Next time aim for 5 good in a row or 6 then regrip to get others, fingers really felt sweaty. Fingers failing early big time and sweaty, rep 5 fingers failing on way up so slam on down. Big slams on 6 through 10 couldn't lower really at all.

Front Squat Narrow grip 136 goal 5 reps. last time did only 4. Did could not clean fingers not holding so tried 100 back squat ATG did 15 reps only used 95 last time and did 16 or so. Hard to lift overhead at end did from bottom position kind of up then slam. Could alternate overhead squat and this perhaps, think on it. And alternate wide and narrow grip front squat or maybe that overkill,. so alternate overhead back front, or overhead always then alternate front and back.

Wide grip upright row 100 might do less than 8, just do what i can do plus 1 to avoid duct tape use. did 3 and had to lean in and lower against leg, grip to weak to hold onto so had to stop basically the movement.

Triceps overhand barbell extensions 88 goal 5 reps. did 5 tough pressed and lowered rather than usual snatch style, grip weak. Some arm movement to push slightly rather than strictly extend not much though an dnot intentionally. Ok

Chins off railing done before try for 3 minimum or 4 maybe. did 3 only and was tough. when will I get 4, maybe when I try fresh.

Barbell curl 108 plus 1 do reps i can do. did 3 tough good lowers though, might drop to just 95 and work back, stick to 108 next week see how reps go if same dropping to 95 or less.

Monday did 4 chins off railings, felt in grip afterwords. Trick on these is not giving up, full extension on way down then don't give up try to really get reps up even if I feel I failed. Try hard for one rep a workout on these. Could alternate with door chin negatives with towel. Or could do 4 reps with rep 4 extremely slow lower, then aim for 5, then 5 extremely slow lower then 6.