Weight Training Workout Log for August 17th 2006

Proper Military Press Narrow grip 90 pounds goal 11 reps or 10 really want 11 then can increase weight on this and widegrip next time. did 11 reps very good one early rep not to chest not done on purpose though so no biggie, rep 11 on tiptoes lean but still good. Can increase weigh to 91 for wide and narrow see what happens.

Back Squat from sawhorses with 90 pounds goal 6 or 7 reps did 6 reps

Straightleg Deadlift 150 last 15 reps this time 17 reps 16 will suffice though did 17 reps fingers held perfectly

Barbell Row 155 goal 10 perfect reps or 11 reps total did 8 reps felt awkward could have cheated last rep or two up I am sure though. Hmm. Begin alternating with dumbell row. or aim for 10 perfect reps next time or 11. Think on it. back seemed stationary throughout so ROM was consistant unlike usual change throughout. Get to 10 reps slow or begin alternating with dumbell row will see.

Upright Row 90 pounds aim for 7 or 8 reps perfect did 7 reps slow controlled all seemed near perfect maybe slight cheat rep 7 not sure though. Rep 6 seemed near perfect maybe ever slight lean in but don't think so. See if can do 7 perfect next time or 8 reps.

Dumbell Curl 37.5 pounds goal 8 and 4 did 8 and 4 first 5 or so right were absolutely perfect form