Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday August 28th 2007

Narrow grip press 121 2 strict reps then goal 8 other push presses for 10 reps

Overhead Squat 76 goal 6 reps did 6 real struggle with balance, really about lost it rep 4, walking about rep 2 or so, surprised I got 6 up, was stepping a bit about for balance. Still up a rep. Seemed to be struggling to hold it overhead also.

to big dumnbell 100 plus bar or 104 goal 6 right 5 left, did 5 and 6 trouble balancing took like 3 tries to grip left and 2 right, I am gripping up closer to plates not in center of handle and rowing at angle. Could be because heavy could be because I am so used to using the smashed in grip. See how I do next time gripping in center. First rep went up cockeyed right even. Could lighten to 95 plus bar and work back 4 tens each side and a 7 and 1/2 tried again with 104 gripping solid right reps easy to balance even first one, left a bit better grip solid is the key because bar is thinner. Try next time see how grip balance is, maybe doing right side first, if trouble ddrop back to 95 plus bar with this dumbell using 7 and 1/2 pound plates.

Dumbell Flies with 20's goal 12. Decided to try with two adjustable dumbells with two ten pound plates each. tried to pick up row weight left side and did row, balance was perfect, grip real hard and focus and just pull it balances ok. When get past 10 reps right and left side can consider new bars that support more weight. Dumbell flies did 6 do bend arms slightly naturally is ok though, do get full stretch at bottom absolutely. I wonder what straight arm flies would be like.

Straightleg deadlift 185 fast lower goal 20 19 would be progress though, doing real fast want that 20. could only do 17 is ok though. Last time did 18 but skipped last workout with this. Might have slowed down a bit working mor eon full rom more so than usual. Next time get 18 or 19. No biggie on this one. less slamming down than usual too I think. Next time slow lower and then fast ones. Grip gave reason I had to stop set. Might could have forced another rep don't think so though. Next time I do this will get 18 maybe 19. No biggie.

Widegrip upright row 100 doing again because last time grip to weak to do. did 8 did 5 then rest briefly and did last few, only last rep or 2 a slight lean in, a lot easier to pull than last time with weak grip.

Hang cleans 120 goal 17. Did 17 really felt in traps, hand a bit numb after, felt some in wrist too. Good. soon will be at 20 reps 3 weeks or so and can increase to 125

Underhand grip triceps barbell extension with 67 pounds goal 6 reps did 6 underhand seems awkward but got my 6.

Dumbell curl heavy 47.5 goal 8 and 6 doing left side first. did 5 and 7 same as last time is ok though, did do more rows after the one set to try to see if grip and wrist control can be dealt with, this might have cost me the rep. Ok though, can't get a rep every workout. Next time try hard for 8 and 6.