Weight Training Workout Log for Monday September 3rd skipped saturday workout

Narrow grip military press 106 goal 10 reps will lean back and try real hard. did 9 and like 1/2 or so no 10 though leaned back even. Want that 10 but no luck yet, microload 1/2 pound when get to 110 might deload to 106 and try for 10 reps which woul dbe new personal best.

Barbell Row 170 goal 10 reps did 10 even held some at top a second or so, last rep not all the way to chest though nearlyt hough, this is typical of a last rep. Barely bend knees on these. Used to do them straightlegged though.

Bench 144 goal 8 reps got 8 reps outstanding, one rep strated to lower weight higher up toward neck but adjusted and lowered just right. Very good.

Tuesday September 4th fell asleep monday Part 2 of workout

Deadlift 245 goal 5 or 6 solid before regripping then rest regrip till get to 10 reps did 4 in a row then rergrip rest and did to 7 decided to do no more. Last time did 4 and 3/4, fingers giving real early this time on reps, perhaps got bad grip or right wrist a bit off which I felt before lift and during when regripping it felt a bit off too. Next time want the 5 reps though.

Front Squat 136 narrow grip becaused failed to do any because of grip last time. goal what I can do. 6 would be great, just doing what I can do though. did 5 only did not try for 6 I think thats good. clean was real easy too. This is good did only 4 a few weeks back. Might just microload 1 pound alternating wide and narrow, narrow feel much stronger on the lift.

Upright row narrow grip 107 goal 7 reps or so. Going up 1 pound instead of 1/2 pound because haven't done this in a while. did 7 some lean in big time on last 2 reps and others even too. Stick to this weight a while perhaps.

Experimental mixed grip deadlift just trying 240 then 310 with right hand underhand after regular deadlift. 310 went 90 percent of the way up farted on way up though, grip not a factor. probably could do 300 mixed grip.

Just doing chins now trying for 5 fast did 4 only with some leg against wall for leverage even. tough. tried a little bit later with 10 pound dumbell can hold between ankles and do just not strong enough to do, prexaushing a factor though. after workout did chin experimentals one regular tough one wide tough and one underhand near railing really a partial but tough. Chinup workout could be just do 2 reps every other day. or every day with 2nd rep being very slow lower or could do regular style with slow lower on last rep as slow as possible do that three workouts then try for another rep, might try greasing the groove on this though. Many times doing just 2 reps on non workout days or on all days. Maybe 2 before I go to work think on it.

Triceps overhand barbell extensions 89 goal 5 reps or whatever I can do. did 3 only keep same weight next time aim for 4, starting to lose weight and slammed down so that was that. ok though. its heavy now

hammer curls very strict with 30 pounds goal 13 and 8 did left first 8 right 13 good up a rep from last tiem I did with strict form.