Weight Training Workout Log for Friday Setember 7th 2007

Narrow grip press 122 3 strict reps then push presses. Did 3 strict and 3 more push presses for 6 reps, rep 6 lock out was slow. Work from here back to 10 reps. The strict presses rep 3 was tough also.

Overhead Squat 77 goal 6 reps did 6 reps very good balance perfect and form with no real balance struggle till like rep 5 and 6.

to big dumnbell 100 plus bar or 104 goal 7 right left 6 or so. Gripping real firm trying to control weight well. Doing right first with firm grip did 7 right balance ok did first time picking up some rotating of dumbell to strange angle only one rep really, some range of motion issues barely touching stomach of what not issues, reps seemed good though basically with no momentum. Left first row atement bad balance second also but not lifted up high, third did 5 reps I did grip toward upper part of grip near plate not square in middle. Deadifted normal with grip in middle no problem though. So left a balance issue unless I grip near top of grip did same reps as last time also, did second though. Next time do left side first try in middle of grip if not grip higher up.

Dumbell Flies with adjustable dumbells and two tens each goal 7 reps did7 reps did not try for rep 8.