Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday September 15 2007

Hamstrings still sore deadlift 65 and overhead squatted as test not too tough. Mighta ffect workout but trying anyway.

Narrow grip military press 106.5 goal 9 reps did 9 reps with rep 9 being tough.

Overhead Squat 78 goal 6 reps or so might be 5. could only do 4 is ok, felt sensation in back even first rep was tough to balance bar drifting toward head a bit. Hamstrings and soreness from last workout could be factor. Keep same weight and gain back reps.

Dumbell row 100 plus bar or 104 goal 8 right left 6 did 8 right with grip in center and 6 left, first two attempt center grip not so good, then gripped slightly higher up toward plates and did well. Would like to be able to grip in center though. Progress though so its good.

Dumbell Flies with adjustable dumbells and two tens each goal 8 reps did 8 reps

Deadlift 245 goal 5 then regrip and get at least to 7 if possible did 7 in a row outstanding then rest regrip and did 8 9 and 10 as singles.

Upright row narrow grip 107 goal 7 focusing on form did 7 with lean in last time. did 7 first 5 in a row pretty strict then rest a second or two and did 6 and 7 with more lean in.

chins might try off railings for 4 reps with 1 pound or 2 halves in pocket. did 4 reps all till nose touches about rep 4 real tough but did not use legs against wall. did 5 no weight fucking around day after workout sunday and got 5, one rep not all the way down I think, did them as fast as could. Interesting. I wonder if I jumped a bit first rep if so thats factor I don't think so though. real factor to look into rather I start first rep while on feet or more on knees for dead hang a while before trying for first rep. Doing fast as opposed to slow lower makes a difference I think. Also I was doing any way to get them up, last rep legs were moving about almost against wall. Goal is 10 reps on chins though somehow someway eventually. Might try doing them daily or more regularly even on nonworkout days. Could alternate super wide and my normal grip, think on it. 100 pushup reps would also be good goal, someday when I get dumbell rows to 104 by 10 both sides and barbell row to 200 x 10 and curls to 50 pound hex by 10 each arm and deadlift to double bodyweight or 250 x 10 might focus more on other things.

triceps overhand barbell extensions 89 goal 4 reps or so did 4 reps good.lowered all the way with stretch.

Barbell curl 108 goal 4 reps did 4 no momentum slow lower but do lean way back to do. will deload to 95 or 100 at some point and do wall curls too sometime.