Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday September 19th 2007

Narrow grip press 122 3 strict reps then push presses 4 for total 7 reps goal. did 3 strict and 5 push press for 8 total, very good, rep 3 strict a bit tough. Might can do 4 strict without pushpresses, when get to 10 total reps will up 1 pound and try for another strict press. Felt a little something in left wrist after nothing too bad though.

Barbell Row 171 goal 10 reps or at least 8. Did 10 nice and slow. back stationary too. Good.

Bench 145 goal 8 reps did 8 outstanding all good form too almost no butt raise on last few.

Front Squat narrow grip 136 did 5 relatively fast no pause at top to rest, did not try rep 6. microload 1/2 pound a workout or so, feel a lot stronger with this versus wide grip though. felt in left wrist a bit after. Last time did after straightlegdeadlift this time before.

Straightleg Deadlift fast lower 185 goal 19 or 20, want 20 if possible though 18 would be same as previous best. did 17 only. I think full extension reps and rests more often to get to 20 were a factor rested at at top. Will get 18 next time. I think fast usually is barely to full extension probably not and immediate lower. I am starting to do more a hold at at op and more full extension. Next time 18 want though. Or might just increase to 190 and work from there, probably do that just to mix things up.

Wide grip upright row 100 goal 8 good reps with 5 in a row before any split second rest. (skipped tired)

Hang clean 120 goal 18 (skipped tired due next workout)

Underhand grip triceps barbell extension with 68 pounds goal 5 or 6 reps, did (skipped)

Dumbell curl heavy 47.5 goal 8 and 6 did (skipped)