Weight Training Workout Log for Saturday September 22 2007

Narrow grip military press 107 goal 9 reps did 8 only pause at top very straight up and down no lean back really. Keep at this weight get back to 9 reps, one rep I did walk about a bit. 9 will return.

Overhead Squat 78 goal 5 or 6 reps. Did 5 with strong form straight up and down.

Dumbell row 100 plus bar or 104 goal 9 right 7 left. Did 7 left first took two grips to get right I do tend to angle it up left side though. When get to 104 by 10 might deload back to 99 or so and microload back think on it. Right 9 last two or so a big awkward ok though.

Dumbell Flies with adjustable dumbells and two tens each goal 9 reps might try for 10 though. did 10 reps nice full stretch, increase weight next time.

Deadlift bent leg 250 plus big 5 pounds just seeing what I can do might not regrip and go for 10 will see.did 3 reps no regrip and go for 10 might try for that next time, making sure fingers strong for cleans. fingers failed almost had 4 though sweaty palms also, next time will have 4 I believe maybe 5 will see though.

Upright row Wide (because skipped last workout) 100 goal 8 reps with 5 in a row before brief rest to get others. Did 8 with 5 in a row easy then almost no pause rep 6 then slight pause and 7 and 8 slight lean in last reps of course. Good

Hang clean 120 goal 18 did 18 reps good.

Underhand grip triceps barbell extension with 68 pounds goal 5 or 6 reps did 5 rep 4 tough rep 5 angled about, feels like about to drop on way up but is ok, just awkward.

Dumbell curl heavy 47.5 goal 8 and 6 did 7 and 5 same as before, seems heavy lean back early on to get reps up even. Might alternate every other week this weight and lighter say 40 or so microloading 1/4 or 1/2 a week to get back. Also contemplate deloading barbell curl to 95 or 100 at some point. Or alternating that with curent barbell curl wight.

did chins on monday weighed with 1 pound each pocket did 4 reps and like 3/4 or so on rep 5, not quite 5 reps though, tough was putting feet forward a bit not kipping though to help on later reps.