Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday September 26 2007

Widegrip military press 114 goal 5 reps. did 5 reps very good last rep very tough, rep 3 or so accidentally sliightly missed chest but no biggie.

Barbell Row going up 4 pounds to 175 a bit crazy just seeing what I can do, focusing on strict form even if few reps. work back to 10 reps from here. did 6 only back stationary though, does seem heavier, work back to 10 reps. left wrist like the side or back felt sensation after.

Bench done old school style cleaning into position and sitting down with it then laying down and pressing off a dumbell wieght bench 145 goal 9 reps, might only do 8 again will see though. did 9 reps with rep 9 butt coming off the bench, excellent though. Might go to 146 next time maybe crazy go to 150 will see. Clean part will be tough, when I sit down and lay legs fly in the air and then when I am down they fix on floor.

Straightleg Deadlift slowlower 185 plus 5 pound just doing what I can do changing it up. did 10 slow lower fingers starting to feel like they might give but held throughout, last rep tough like a hamstring limitation good. did all of them slow. Fingers feel pressure sensation just noting.

Front Squat wide grip 137 plus 1 just doing what I can do. did 2 only ah well better than last time at least. go back to doing before straightleg deadlift so legs are good glutes and all. still did 1 rep with 136 last wide grip day so this is better.

Upright row narrow 107 with 6 in a row if possible then rep 7, microload 1/2 pound next time. did 6 in a row a few second rest and did 7, rep 6 and 7 a slight lean in as usual.

triceps overhand barbell extensions 89 goal 5 reps with stretch. did 5 with good stretch I do press it a bit on last rep, next time up a pound do what I can do.

biceps hammer curl because skipped one day made the usual variation non barbell curl day dumbell curl day so this is variation day now. hammer curls very strict with 30 pounds goal 14 and 9. did 14 and 9 on hammer curls good. tried reverse grip dumbell curls with 15 pounder did a few left side felt odd, right side wrist felt sore/weak so couldn't do one. Shrugs with 104 did like 3 right and 1 to 2 not quite as good form left, feels awkward with heavy wight. tried dumbell overhead press with 50 pounder did right easy left could not do with 50 or 47.5 Might try reverse grip with 14 or so also maybe some shrugs with 104 dumbell will see. wrist curl tried with 50 hex did 1 with finger roll right felt odd and weak failed. left could not even do with no finger roll. would be nice to be up to 50 pound dumbell press left someday. how to fit in though. could posibly basically drop wide grip press and replace with dumbell press once every two weeks, or could let strict press narrow and push press alternate every other week and other day do wide grip press or dumbell press alternating every other week. think on it. Next time is push press day.