Weight Training Workout Log for August 22, 2006

Wide Grip Military press up going for 95 pounds should go 91 or so but why not. If very few reps reduce to 91 next time. 7 reps not bad. Wonder if can d 8 reps narrow next time will see.

Front Squat with 95 pounds just do what can do did 8 reps only nice and slow good form. Will not be hard to get back to 10 reps.

Deadlift heavy 205 goal 8 reps last time did 7 did 8 reps rep 8 thumb coming loose so fingers only holding but held fine

Part 2 August 23rd

Upright row 90 pounds aim for 7 perfect or 8 total did 6 good not even sure were perfect or 7 total rep 7 was like a half rep. Might begin alternating with side lateral raises. Not really progressing on this one at all. Aim for 7 good reps even if lean in enough to get to chin on rep 7 but 7 reps no matter what next workout really want it. May begin alternating with dumbell raises one arm or two armto try to vary and help progress on upright row.

Barbell Row 10 or 11 reps good form see what can do, will alternate with dumbell row or begin increasing weight if can do this soon. Want 10 reps no matter what. Did 10 reps all at consistant back angle all seemed about the same ROM to stomach. Legs perfectly stiff. May alternate with dumbell row just to prove progress is occuring. Do head down high rep aim for 15 to 20 rep range.

Dumbell Curl 37.5 pounds goal 9 and 5 did 8 and 4 same as last time ok though with good form real good on left side