Weight Training Workout Log for September 2nd

Before work military press narrow 95 pounds 8 reps did bump ceiling part for one rep no biggie so side stepped a bit plates in way even all good though, so next time may be even easier to get a rep increase.

Back Squat with Saw Horses just trying with 95 pounds for the hell of it did 7 reps very good. think I have figured a more healthy pause at top that helps do more reps. Nice slow lower also.

Straightleg Deadlift with 150 goal 18 or 19 reps did 19 reps fingers held well, reps 17 and after or so noticed the weight was lowering down cockeyed felt like weight was uneven and falling off but collars on tight must do thist to make it easier on weaker side. Fingers held good and felt afterwords.

Upright Row fuck it just seeing what can do with 95 pounds and good form. did 4 only all with good form though.

Barbell Row increasing to 160 just see what can do with good form. 5 only no biggie probably could have done more with a bit of cheat. se eif can increase from here.

Dumbell Curl goal 9 and 5 did 9 last 2 slight lean back, and 5 last rep stepped forward was real tough.