Weight Training Workout Log for September 11th way long break

Military Press Wide with 95 pounds last 7 reps goal 8 reps did 7 and 1/4 or 1/2 not bad, will get 8 reps next time.

Front Squats with 95 pounds did 8 reps last time goal 9 or 10 reps did 9 reps grip felt awkward thumbs and all and wrists a bit tingly at times no biggie though still one rep increase not bad.

Deadlift Heavy bentleg 205 last 8 reps goal 9 reps did 10 reps very good rep 10 fingers failing a bit near top but very good and rep was good. Really slammed weight down after each rep. ready to increase weight may go to 210 or 215. Think on it. But increasing weight next time I do this after straightleg next time which I am to get past 20 reps.Leaning towards 215 a big 10 pound increase think on it.

Upright row 95 pounds last 4 reps goal 5 reps good form did 5 reps nice and slow might be doing ever so slight chin lean in but no biggie. Good form overall I think. Maybe don't worry so much about perfect form just focus on no more than a slight chin lean inward perhaps no more than that. Dont worry so much about eliminating that entirely.

Barbell row 160 pounds last 5 reps goal 6 or 7 reps 6 reps very good form I think legs and back stiff and stationary think ROM was good.

dumbell curl goal 10 and 6 last 9 and 5 did 8 and 5 oh well could be due to lack of rest after barbell row or just one of those things, aim for 10 and 6 next time. Maybe form was really good right side, seemed left was very good form. Could be reason for less reps. Or might start alternating with light weight and real high reps for a change. Think on it.

Bench press dicking around from sawhorses experimental did 135 narrow but not wide need blocks to put under bench part as before or to lower sawhorses might see if can get another sawhorse set and another Oly weight set to make it easier on me. Started with 95 105 narrow and wide 125 and 135 did 135 narrow bench press but is like 4 inches above chest.