Weight Training Workout Log for September 15th 2006 3 days rest felt not so good wednesday but ok now. Left hamstring seems a bit sore for some reason but only feel when try for it, not from moving or anything, trynig anyway.

Military Press 95 pounds Narrow goal 9 reps did 8 to 8 and 1/4 next time gain 1 rep on wide and 1 rep on narrow so its not three workouts in a row with no progress on this movement.

Back Squat from Saw Horses 95 pounds goal 8 reps did 9 reps very good felt weight pressing down on back of traps though throughout a bit. Unique.

Straightleg Deadlift just going with 160 plus 10 pounds and see what can do keeping in mind left hamstring seems sore just seeing what can do as will increase regular deadlift 10 pounds next time or so. did 14 reps left hamstring no problem in movement at all. Stick with this weight and see if can progress in reps. Want to get back to 20 reps. Have done 161 by 17 reps before on April 27th so work to that and will be new PR.

Upright Row 95 pounds goal 6 reps doing before barbell row last did 5 reps. did 6 reps rep 6 chin leaned in quite a bit rep 5 perhaps a slight lean in still good I think. Felt strange wrist sensatino on some of the reps no big deal though.

Barbell Row 160 goal 7 reps. did 7 reps last rep or two had reduced range of motion and a slight torso tilt nothing too much though, but wish for better form. All hit about same part in stomach though. When get to 10 reps really focus on ROM and keeping back steady and legs perfectly stiff. Then begin alternating with dumbell rows also perhaps.

Dumbell Curl 37.5 goal right 10 left 6 did 9 and 4 could be do to lack of rest after barbell row did do it shortly after because J. Did left first so left had less rest could have affected the left a bit. right first 7 reps near perfect, only rep 8 and 9 not as good. Rep 10 attempt almost had it I think but not quite. Might begin alternating this dumbell curl with a ligher one of 25 pounds or so either for 25 plus reps fast or bent over from bench with extra tough form and less reps. Think on it. I really wish the 37.5 to get to 10 reps both arms though.