Weight Training Workout Log for September 19th 2006

Military press wide with 95 pounds goal 8 reps did 8 reps very good.

Front Squat with 95 pounds goal 10 reps did 9 reps only same as last time oh well. Will get 10 reps next time I believe. If not then this movement could be getting tougher to progress on or need more rest on this movement. Did not feel as much in legs though. Stick with current alternating front and back if progress stalls can begin doing each once a week maybe or try other things. think its a fluke though and progress will resume.

Heavy Deadlift 220 pounds plus 15 pounds a lot just see what can do. 5 reps only fingers failing on rep 5 and rep 5 not 100 percent all the way up but close enough. Will drop this to 210 next time. I think I was lowering slower to reduce the noise since M upstairs could have been a factor also but still lowering to 210 next time. And just 5 pound weight increases.\

skipped second have and didn't do for so long so just doing first part again next workout