Weight Training Workout Log for September 23rd doing half before early sunday work

Military Press Narrow with 95 pounds goal 9 reps did 8 only but nice and slow with full extension and slow lower. I think if i try to push at angle rather than straight it makes it easier could be reason not progressing because doing more strict. Will get 9 reps next time and rush more through it lowering and holding at top less as did this time to make that rep easier.

Back Squat with 95 pounds goal 10 reps or 11 reps did 11 reps very good, felt in traps and lower back as its a bodybuilding movement. Next time will get 10 reps front squat so can increase weight on this for back and front. If I do increase weight then this weight will begin to diverge from military press/upright row weight.

Straight Leg Deadlift with 160 goal 15 reps or 16 did 15 only good 1 rep progress. Very tiring afterwords as usual.

Barbell Row with 160 goal 8 reps did 7 reps only but all pulled good no top of leg last rep as have done before. 2 workouts with 7 reps.

Upright Row with 95 pounds goal 7 reps did 6 reps only last one was lean in a bit. Oh well. Will get 7 eventually. Could alternate this with either dumbell laterals or power cleans or something to very ite up or upright rows to chest level not to chin level that might be different to vary it with. Think on it, but need to change up something. This is only two workouts in a row without rep progress so really no biggie have gone three on military press narrow. Keep at it a few more workouts see if rep 7 will come.

Dumbell curl heavy 37.5 goal 10 and 6 even if have to cheat the thing up a bit will get these reps. Doing left side first. did left 6 last rep did cheat it up a bit with momentum and not just a lean for leverage. and 10 rep 10 did really lean to get it up, and did do reps a bit faster with perhaps less lower but no biggie counting the reps. Alternating with high rep or bent over on bench might be fun too. Think on it.