Weight Training Workout Log for October 2 2006

Military Press 95 pounds Narrow goal 9 reps no matter what did 8 reps and push pressed rep 9 up ah well. May begin doing then push pressing as many up as I can afterwords in same set. Really want progress here, if no progress soon may begin microloading. Might try adding behind neck press light experiment, push press, or reverse grip militaty press. Trying reverse grip for the hell of it right now. reverse grip really feel in triceps. Very different movement. Just thought might have used a different pair of 25 pounder plates which could be heavier and reason for no rep increase. Push Press after regular strict press ones from now on. Workout could be narrow military, narrow reverse grip, wide military wide behind back military press. Think on this or just do wide narrow reverse narrow. Trying with 45 pound bar behind neck just to see what it is like. Kept bumping celing part then did on knees bumped side of saw horse supports, odd feeling more in traps than anything else. Will stick to narrow, wide and reverse grip narrow. Try reverse grip wide just to see what that is like. Tried reverse wide its different. Might begin microloading also will see or going even heavier and working in a lower rep range. Will try real hard on rep 9 attempt not just try to 1/4 way and give up which I may have been doing. Try for that real hard then push press as many as I can. Keep track of strict and push pressed ones. Reverse narrow was like 4 reps I think.

Back Squat from Saw Horses 95 pounds goal 12 reps did 12 reps

Straightleg Deadlift just going with 160 goal 16 reps did 16 reps fingers starting to fail a bit on last rep

Upright Row 95 pounds goal 8 reps could only do 6 reps probably due to all the extra delt work so understandable. I wonder what happens if I do this movement first? Could be trap usage from deadlift and military press use makes me weaker at this and harder to progress. Could consider rotating doing this first or military press consider.

Barbell Row 160 goal think I will skip this and try dumbell row with 70 strict form for variation why not. Back to barbell row next workout may begin alternating it or just do dumbell row every once in a while will see. Doing head down strict leaning on wooden area. Only did 8 right 5 left. Tried from stool like M seems tougher. Did 2 reps though just to see.

Dumbell Curl 37.5 goal 11 and 7 doing left side first did real good form on all of them think I did 7 could have been 6 but I think it was 7 and one cheat cheat attempt after failed one after taht could only get half way up. Most pump/sensation have felt in left side ever. Right 9 only oh well and two cheats.