Weight Training Workout Log for October 5th 2006

Wide Grip Military Press with 95 pounds goal 9 reps will attempt several times on rep 9 and not give up easy then push press finish. May do reverse grip also afterwords. Did 9 reps excellent with 2 push presses afterwords. Reverse narrow grip 95 pounds after front squat goal 5 reps. Did 5 reps.

Front Squat doing with 100 plus 5 pounds why not just see what can do. did 6 reps with the clean grip Will work back to 10 reps.

Deadlift Heavy with 210 goal 8 reps or 7 fingers held firm at the least really want 8 though 8 reps rep 7 holding firm rep 8 starting to give at top but good. Will have 10 reps soon.

Upright row 95 pounds goal 8 reps could only do 6 reps same as last time probably due to extra delt lift. Wonder what happens if I do this first. When get to military press both x 10 may try this first when increase weight to 100 on military press.

Barbell Row 160 goal 9 reps did 9 reps but two hit crotch area and not abs did change angle of back on one rep or so. Need to focus on form on this get to 10 reps and focus on form before increasing weight. Keep back angle consistant.

Dumbell curl with 25.5 bent over concentration style goal 16 and 12 did 16 and 12