Weight Training Workout Log for October 9th 2006

Military Press Narrow just going up to 100 pounds see what can do did 6 reps 3 push press after. Reverse narrow grip after this and back squat with 95 pounds goal 6 reps did 6 reps man was that last rep tough.

Back Squat with 100 pounds see what can do goal 7 to 10 reps did 8 reps

Straight leg Deadlift with 160 goal 17 reps acceptable going for 18 though did 17 reps rep 17 was a bent leg lower. Some near cocked lowers. The Straight leg Deadlift was featured on the American Parkour workout of the day recently.

Upright Row with 95 pounds goal 8 reps or 7 at the least do what can do did 7 only seemed to pull up with great force as if easy for some. Rep 7 slightly reduced ROM others seemed pretty good. Want that 8 reps.

Dumbell Row with 70 pounds last 8 and 5 goal 10 and 7 did 7 left might have been real fractional head raise hardly noticeable but noting it. Did 10 right same ever so slight head raise not even worrying about it. just natuarlly small movement as weight raises.

Dumbell Curl Heavy goal 12 and 8 did left 7 with 4 cheats form was pretty good on regular reps. Try to get 8 reps in next workout or two. Soon can increase weight if do. Notice feel different feeling in joint after cheats real tight. I like it. Right 9 with 5 cheats afterwords.