Weight Training Workout Log for October 13th, 2006

Military Press wide grip with 100 pounds goal 6 or 7 reps. did 6 reps and 1 cheat push press after only. Rep 6 was tough balancing wise felt in core. not tough on arms though really. Felt sensation in right wrist a little bit afterwords. After this and squat reverse grip 95 pound military press goal 7 reps. could do 6 reps only could get up a small fraction of the way on another rep attept but thats it.

Front Squat with 100 pounds and Olympic bar goal 7 reps did 7 reps. Don't feel anything in the legs with this rep range. Or could just be I am getting used to this movement. Working up to higher rep range 15 or 20 before increasing weight on this and military press might be an idea.

Heavy Deadlift 210 goal 9 reps. did 10 reps outstanding, fingers failing on last rep so maybe only 90 percent of the way up but counting this anyway. Can either microload or jump right to 215 next. Think on it. Felt I had a real good grip fingers mashed in real good concentrated on getting the right grip regripped a few times till got a perfect one real tight. I think thats the key.

Hang clean new movement with 95 pound weight at first trying with legs absolutely stiff. May try with lower back stationary too if can do it. will alternate with upright row if I like it. Or may just decide to alternate two arm side lateral or one arm side lateral with upright row or do a heavy light upright row. Think on it. did 8 narrow with no leg use and nearly no lower back usage maybe absolutely none. trying upright row immediately after just to see what its like ddi 4 after so may just alternate these. did fail on some hang clean attempts early on in the reps but tried again and up it went.

Barbell Row doing after new hang clean movement 160 goal 10 reps 9 with perfect form will be ok also. Focus on form. Only did 7 with legs locked low back near stationary last rep grazed the crotch so not full range of motion though. Hang cleans could be reason. See what happens next time with upright rows done before and more rest. Not a big deal though did real good on deadlifts.

Dumbell curl with 25.5 bent over concentration style goal 17 and 13 did right 17 some brushed chin at least one don't think there was much momentum but could have been some, I think its progress> little rest after barbell row also left 13 last few might have leaned in the chest a bit to reduce ROm I think I alwasy do that, doing these curls to chest or breastbone thats a big rom anyhow.