Weight Training Workout Log for October 17th 2006

Military Press Narrow 100 pounds goal 7 reps 3 push press did in morning 6 reps only skipped push presses. Might begin microloading as it takes plus 3 percent in one rep max strength to gain a rep. Reverse grip military press with 95 pounds goal 7 reps done with rest day after doing regular military did

October 18th 2006

Back Squat with 100 pounds goal 9 or 10 reps did 10 reps. Felt this in the legs. Did not feel anything on traps this time.

Straightleg Deadlift with 160 pounds goal 18 reps did 17 reps fingers failing one cockeyed lower then rest good lowers rep 17 fingers failed on way up then lowerd under control way down. Next time will get 18 reps. Think slower tempo and no cockeyed lowers but one is what cost me a rep gain. No biggie though will get 18 next time. Really felt in glutes. Did rest some in the top position could be a factor in finger failure maybe back squat gaining two reps rather than one was a factor.

Upright row 95.5 pounds two 1/4 pound plates ducttaped on just to see goal 7 reps. did 7 reps. Microload this and military presses with 1/4 and 1/2 weights need more duct tape for this. will microload from 100 on military when get to 105 may drop back down to 100 and see how many reps I have.

Dumbell row with 70 goal 11 and 8 did 11 right had to regrip on rep 7 or so question form on these also, doing what I can do. Left 8 balancing the weight was an issue wrist wise did not lower and regrip though.. May try from stool next time just to be different. Do notice the weight has to be risen further better ROM might try this off stool next time just see what reps we can do.

Power clean max attempt after all but curls just for experimental thing. trying with 135 firs narrow grip did 135 next 145 attempt did 155 attempt failed three times first deadlifted and did nto even try power clean part, second attempt strange one arm more raised than other thing third deadlifted did not feel right. 145 is max after all workout routines.

Dumbell curl heavy with 37.5 pounds goal 12 and 8 doing left side first did left 6 first rep attempt didn't go up then adjusted and got 6 then 3 cheats wrist felt during entire movement and fingers felt weak, right 7 only with wrist realy sore felt big time during reps from beginning. Guessing this is due to power clean

Only dumbell curl and straightleg deadlift no progress. Try microloading on military press and upright row in future, trying dumbell row from stool.