Weight Training Workout Log for October 25th 2006

Military Press Narrow with 101 goal 7 reps just see what can do. If performance not good can go to 1/2 pound wide then narrow rather than overall increase each time. did 7 reps outstanding seemed real easy only last rep a bit of struggle. Reverse Military Press with 96 pounds plus 1/2 pound goal 6 reps. did 6 reps good

Back Squat Full 101 pounds plus 1 pound using same weight as military press I am microloading. goal 11 or 12 reps did 12 reps very good

Straightleg Deadlift with 160 pounds goal 18 19 or 20 reps go for 20 reps fast just see if can do it 20 reps outstanding. Lowered and raised real fast slammed down hard each rep did lower in an even non cockeyed fashion also.. Fingers held well. Only last rep were they starting to give perhaps either that or not possible to do without bending legs so had to give up near very top. Think was fingers but counting rep and outstanding. Time to increase weight to 165. Did like no rest between reps till like rep 15 last time rested a brief bit earlier in reps at top. This time near no rest and fast rep speed till like rep 15 or so. Outstanding. really out of breath after.

Upright rows 96.5 goal 7 reps did 7 reps very good seemed light also. rep 7 a bit of a lean in not much same with rep 6 but good overall I deem. Will just microload like this I think thats best.

Dumbell row with 70 from stool M style just see what can do. Right 7 and left 3 much tougher. Really tend to raise head up on this one too a slight bit. Rowing at angle into chest not straight up into ribs I notice. Did about 5 reps less on left side and 4 reps less on right side much tougher. Could either stick with this or lower weight improve form and work back. Think on it. Try off bench is different but seems more natural head is not pinned down but still way bent over. Might use that next time. Think on that. Did 3 right arm ones on this seemed good ROM and more natural. Could try hand on bench head not on that this is real bent over low also. More stable than stool which is easy to move by leaning on.

Power clean attempts 135 did no leg drive hardly 146 did no leg drive hardly 150 attempting did 150 amazing. Notice I tend to want to lower the weight as soon as it is in position interesting. But 150 was done very good. Attempting 155 will fail on this though most likely.Failed big time on this.

Dumbell Curl 37.5 right goal 8 left 12 or so right last time wrist soreness made it not possible to complete reps. said I would do it no matter what and did 12 right and 8 left I am pleased. Left dumbell is seems a lot easier. When get to 10 reps can finally increase weight.