Weight Training Workout Log for November 1st 2006

Military Press narrow grip 102 pounds goal 7 reps did 6 if rep drop next time on wide will know only can maintain 1/2 pound a week increase for each.. Reverse grip military press with 97 goal 6 reps did after narrow and back squat. did 6 reps that last rep was real real tough quivering all about but completed it.

Back Squat just upping it to 105 see what can do, will do front squat with just 102 to get the 10 reps next time though. On back squat with 105 did 11 reps up four pounds down 1 rep very good.

Straightleg Deadlift with 165 plus 5 pounds just doing what I can do. Did 16 reps.

Dumbell rows with knee on bench new style and 70 pounds right 9 and left 5 leg on ground same as arm being worked is proper way. Work up to 10 reps then increase weight.

Upright row with 97.5 goal 7 reps did 7 reps last rep a little lean in maybe a bit with other reps, I think this is consistant with last workout and so on with 1/2 pound gain a workout.

Power clean 135 151 155 did 135 151 and 155 noticed I was walking around a bit feet wise on 155, not attempting 160 this time. Very good. Noticed I can hold in top position ok but lower part is always pretty fast can't help that. Seems heavy in top position too on wrists.

Dumbell curl 37.5 goal 9 and 13 did . Decided to just add 2 and 1/2 pounds and increase to 40 and see what I can do. right 7 left 4. Noticed dumbell bar and collars are 4 pounds so this is technically 44 and dumbell row is technically 74