Weight Training Workout Log for November 4 2006

Military Press Wide grip 102.5 goal 6 reps if not reduce to 1/2 pound a week on wide and narrow then increase on them again as a cycle did 6 reps last rep very tough. Reverse grip military press 97.5 goal 6 reps did 6 reps last rep very tough.

Front Squat 102 goal 10 reps did 10 reps

Heavy Dead lift bent leg for low back 218 plus 1 pound goal 9 or 10 reps did 10 reps

Upright Row 98 pounds goal 7 reps did 7 reps last two a bit cheaty, last one leaned in a bit more raised to chin

Barbell Row 165 just do what can do did 6 reps

Hang Cleans straight back and legs 98 pounds goal 9 reps did 10 reps noticed slight leg bend perhaps will check

Dumbell Curl preacher style 26 pounds goal 21 and 16 did 21 and 16