Weight Training Workout Log for November 12th 2006

Military Press Wide Grip 104 plus 1 pound instead of 1/2 see what happens goal 6 reps.did 6 reps very good. Reverse grip done after military press and squat 99 plus 1 pound why not goal 6 reps see what happens did 6 reps.

Front Squat with 105 see what can do did 7 reps.

Heavy Deadlift with 220 goal 9 or 10 reps see what can do did 9 reps fingers failing on last rep big time and slightly on rep before. Next time increase 1 pound and try to get 10 reps.

Wide Grip Barbell Upright Rows 100 pounds new movement did 2 wide then almost no rest and one narrow. seemed real tough and ROM was reduced. Try again with regular grip next week.

Barbell Row with 165 goal 7 reps. did 7 reps

Experimental Overhead Squat could squat 45 easy once worked up a bit more could not squa tit but could snatch it up. Did 85 snatch failed on 95.

Hang Clean 100 pounds goal 10 reps did 12 reps

Dumbell Curl preacher style 26 pounds goal 22 and 17 did did 22 and 17 last two reps or so righta bit cheaty last few reps left a few cheaty.