Weight Training Workout Log for November 15th 2006

Military Press Narrow grip 106 just trying for that might lose a rep will see goal 6 reps did 6 reps very good, last rep 6 was very very tough, back to 1/2 pound weight increases might try half pound then pound increase half pound then pound increase see if I can work with that.. Reverse Grip military after regular and squats 101 just trying goal 6 reps did 5 reps only more like 5 and 1/2. Super weight increase on previous military press could be the cause. May increase 1/2 pound next week on this. If stay at 5 reps then may cut back to 100 and work back. Could be weight plates weigh more than little plates and a 1 pound or so weight difference or so is the factor. Stick with it and decide. Next time widegrip will be just 106.5 pounds. Did pound increase last time too thats too much. Thats the reason for rep loss on reverse grip I think. Maybe get reverse grip to 105 x 6 or so then drop to 100 and see what I can do might be interesting to help me see how close I may be to 100 x 10 regular grip.

Back Squat 112 goal 10 reps did 10 reps felt a slight bit in traps this time. Good next time go for 115 probably just stick to with 25 pound plates for convenience till military press weight is up to 115 with 35 pound plates also. Felt a tiny bit in low back also.

Straightleg Deadlift 165 goal 18 or 19 reps did 17 and 1/2 with fingers failing at top raise part of rep 17. Still its progress. Next time will get 18 or 19 even. My grip did feel awkward on this one. Its not rather its tight or not its rather thumb is mashed into fingers properly I believe. Felt in glutes big time. Could have been speed of reps also I usually do a lot faster maybe not pausing as much at top as I did this time. Could be that. still progress is progress last time I made it to 17 and was bent lowering that I lowed rep 17 proper and made it half way to 18 so thats progress.

Uprightrow narrow 100 pounds goal 7 reps did 7 reps last few reps were lean in a bit. May try 95 on wide grip next time perhaps.

Dumbell row 70 pounds plus bar goal 11 and 7 did 12 right felt in lower back a bit and bench slid, left 8 very good

Power Clean from floor 135 157 160 did 135 157 160 failed on went up cockeyed was close though, closer than last time I think.

Dumbell Curl heavy 40 plus bar or 44 goal 9 and 6 did 9 and 6 excellent. really felt a lot in left side.