Weight Training Workout Log for Tuesday November 21st 2006

Narrow Grip Military Press 107 goal 6 reps did 5 reps only and rep 5 was real tough, left wrist sore. Rest after military press narrow and back squat reverse grip military press 102 goal 5 or 6 reps. Either will have to cycle back to 100 soon or increase at just 1/2 pound a week total for both wide and narrow so 1/2 wide 1/2 narrow. or could try 1/2 one week one pound the next. On second thought skipping the reverse grip this workout so I can max out on military press just to see if can do 120 after all the pushing I did. doing 110 115 120 125 attempt narrow grip. did 110 115 120 easy failed on 125 then 75 percent of the way up with 122. Interesting. Could try reverse grip once a week and max out the other adding 1 pound a max out or 1/2 a maxout. or do wide narrow max out narrow and reverse every day except when do max out first. To fix military problem will try for 1/2 pound a week not 1 pound a week. Consider cyling back the weight. when get to 110 see what can do with 100. Or could do wide in 100 pound range for reps and narrow in 107 trying to get as high as possible. Have not done 120 pound strict press before so this is my best ever I think. Could go back to 104 wide which I did 6 reps with and 106 narrow which I last did 6 reps with and work from there. Think on it. Could just do 100 x ever how many reps as a max out like set ever so often. I think I might just drop down to 100 and see what happens with both. Reps should be 7 or 8 I think. I think may do light 95 narrow medium 107 or whatever wide and heavy max and repeat cycle like that. With reverse grip after maybe. I wonder if using heavier 25 pound plates is the culprit.

Back Squat 115 sticking with 25 pound plates for now goal 10 reps. did 10 reps easy Legs did not feel pumped up after walked in after but walking out then back in 30 seconds later felt in legs.

Straightleg Deadlift 165 goal 19 reps did 19 good. If get 20 reps can increase weight to 170 the workout after.

Upright Row Narrow 100.5 pounds did 7 reps with lean ins a bit especially last rep

Dumbell Row 70 plus bar or 74 or so goal 13 right 9 left did 13 and 9 felt in lower back. First rep left side felt awkward but did ok with reps.

Power Clean exercise movement Max 135 158 160 tried 158 twice once just deadlifted the other deadlifted then tried hang clean, resting and trying again. Its a technique thing. Its just not coming up this time. Oh well. did the 135 though easy. Might try repping with 135 next time and add weight that way. Think on it. Need to ramp up for it 135 145 157 so on not just 135 then max because its a tecnique lift.

Dumbell Curl 40 plus bar goal 10 and 7 did 10 and 7 excellent, could not slow lower last left arm rep.

Experimental just to know 95 pound barbell press narrow just to get an idea as to reps can do, this is after regular narrow grip and max out so probably can do more fresh. could do 9 reps fresh I think I can do 10. Keep in mind I have never done narrow 95 x 9 have done wide 95 x 9 though. If fresh can do 95 x 10 narrow or 95 x 10 wide will be new pr with this weight and rep range. Fresh I think I can do 10 I would no tbe surprised.

Did hold military press maxes at top like it was nothing. Usually you push up lower and thats that. I held at top to like show the lift was real to myself. Because felt so light even 120 overhead.

Might just work back narrow 95 x 10 add weight each workout 0.5 pounds a week and do wide with 104 x 6 or what not adding weight each workout. This way can work different rep ranges and differeng grips. do these two then max out narrow. Consider. and drop wide to 104 see if it goes back to 6 reps.