Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday November 29th 2006

Narrow Grip Military Press with 95 pounds goal 10 reps did 10 reps very good sorta like 10 and 1/2

Back Squat with 120 pounds big 5 pound increase goal 8 to 10 reps did 8 reps one rep lowered and bar only touched one side and not other no biggie though. Stick to this weight next time maybe plus 1 or 2 pound and try to get back to 10 reps.

Reverse Grip Military Press 102.5 goal 5 reps did 5 reps good.

Straightleg Deadlift 165 goal 20 reps if get this can increase weight next time. did 19 (might have been 19 and 1/2 failing at top part I think not sure if so thats progress at least) only no 20 fingers failed. Will get 20 reps next time. If not may begin a finger strengthening (either thick bar or just hold bar till I drop it get rubber pads for this) think on it. Workout between straightleg deadlift and regular deadlift maybe with thick bar. Think on it. Or light medium heavy so I can work fingers with heavier weight also. Think on it. I think I can get to 20 reps soon even if its 1 rep every other workout versus one rep a workout gain. Soon may begin having to microload on this just get to 20 reps and add 1 pound a workout or so and keep reps. Think on it. Really felt straightleg deadlift in glutes though.

Uprightt Row narrow 101 goal 7 reps did 7 reps last three reps seemed tough angling in for them.

Dumbell Row 70 plus bar or 74 or so goal 14 right 10 left did 14 and 10 on left side reps were not that good of form, wrist and fingers were failing weight was hard to control coming up cockeyed. Even on right side reps seemed tough but could do. Wrist really felt afterwords left side. . Next time go up 1/2 pound or so and focus on good form and reps. I think wrist just got worked a lot more than usual this time. Will see if it affects power clean attempts.

Power Clean from floor attempts (wrists failing on dumbell row and left wrist sore afterwords big time) See if it affects this after proper rest. trying with 135 145 155 158 160 did 135 easy 145 155 and failed on 158. No big deal. May start doing this for reps with 135 and max out less often.

Dumbell Curl heavy 40 plus bar goal 11 and 8 did 11 and 8