Weight Training Workout Log for Sunday December 3rd 2006

Wide Grip Military press100.5 goal 8 or 9 reps did 8 ok did in morning before work.. Will add 1/2 then 1 pound every other week. . Reverse grip military press 103 pounds done after regular military press and front squat goal 5 or 6 reps did 5 reps good. Lowered very good ROM seemed more. Might have lowered farther back rather than sticking chest out to reach chest. Very good. .

Front Squat 108 goal 10 reps did 10 reps left wrist felt a bit during movement rep 6 up. Ok though. Next time go to 110.

Heavy Deadlift 224 goal 9 reps did 9 really like 8 and 3/4 with fingers failing on way up big time but counting as 9 reps. Next time aim for 225 for 9 good reps all the way up or maybe 10 reps probably 10 reps will see. Did feel some fluids in stomach this time during lift, no big deal just taking note of it.

Upright row wide 95 goal 8 reps did 8 but I do lean in a bit on these can't help it. With wide grip I almost seem to wish to clean the weight. Left hand fingers felt soreness/pressure from deadlift while doing this. May begin microloading this 1/2 pound a week or stick to going for reps for just a little while longer.

Barbell Row 165 goal 10 reps did 10 reps very good, tried to bend legs a bit this time. Tried to keep back angle consistant but its tough. No momentum in this movement though thats for sure. Some reps might have slightly reduced ROM near chest to just being close even if accidentally on some earlier reps, I am not sure. In any event increasing to 170 and strict form next time expecting less reps.

Hang Clean 110 goal 10 reps did 10 reps. Some leg dip which is ok, no lower back drive basically.

Dumbell curl 26 pounds goal 20 and 25 did 25 right last 5 or 10 a bit cheaty using some momentum to get the weight up. Left 20 last 5 or so cheaty