Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday December 6th 2006

Narrow grip military press 96 plus 1 pound trying for 10 reps did 10 reps very good may try adding 1 pound a week to this and wide grip see how it goes or can do 1 pound then one half pound see how it works out. . Reverse Grip military press 103.5 goal 5 reps did 5 reps good last rep was tough. done after regular military and back squat. Tried a strict barbell curl could not do 103.5 I wonder what my strict curl max is 90 or 95 maybe 100 maybe find out sometime. Experimented after reverse military could easily do 95 pound strict curl did 2 reps easy, did not rep out as wish to do regular curl workout today.

Back Squat with 121 goal 10 reps did 9 reps only plus 1 pound and 1 rep ok. Next week plus 1 pound and one rep to get to 10 reps.

Straightleg deadlift 165 goal 20 reps no matter what try to get it. did 20 reps hamstrings and glutes giving more than fingers on last rep. Just gripped loosely and naturely no major setup. Interesting may try it that way with no major prep work on grip as I have before. Very good will increase to 170 next time. Noticed some reps wished to go down more cockeyed but not a real issue as both sides hit on almost every rep. Fingers felt a bit afterwords like a pressure sensation not a muscle soreness. Good so can increase weight at last on this might microload in near futur ebut for now 5 pound increase next time.

Dumbell row 70 plus bar or 74 goal 15 and 11 will begin increasing weight next time if do this. Decided to go crazy and increase to 75 pounds plus bar just see how many reps I get. right 7 left 5 reps

Upright row narrow 101.5 goal 7 reps did 7 reps slight lean in last 2 or 3 reps this is the norm though.

Power clean from floor for reps with 135 new movement basically see what can do. 135 for 5 could not do sixth not an awkward angle just lifted and deadlifted and no more set it down and same thing. Try to gain a rep a workout on this. Grip felt different like finger sore from deadlift pressure like soreness but no trouble gripping.

Dumbell Curl 40 plus bar or 44 or so goal 12 and 9 when get to 10 reps left side might go up to 42.5 plus bar or 46.5 and count down to benig able to use 50 pound dumbell. did only 11 and 8 same as last time, reason could be a lot heavier dumbell row and barbell curl experiment heavy with 95 pounds. Will try hard to get 12 and 9 next time. Could always start microloading but don't wish to do that just yet on this movement. I am doing these with a slow lower and fairly good form too which is good.

Next time when increase weight on straightleg deadlift and barbell row might try doing barbell rows with a pause when pull to chest to be different.