Weight Training Workout Log for Tuesday December 12 2006 (Late 3 am intending to do just a lift or two may do full workout will see)

Military Press Narrow 97 pounds plus 1 pound may do 1/2 a week from here unless seems easy goal 10 reps did 10 reps very good. last rep a slight struggle felt some in back stabalizing on rep before no biggie though felt very very light and easy on early reps. . Not like the struggle on wide grip last week so may try to stick with 1 pound a week narrow and try 1/2 next time wide, or could alternate 1/2 and 1. See what happens with narrow grip see how long till I lose rep just adding 1 pound a week to see if can do 1 pound a week increase here maybe alternate wide though 1/2 and 1 though see how it works out next time wide. Reverse grip military press done after regular and back squat 104.5 goal 5 reps did 5 reps very good rep 4 sorta tough rep 5 a real struggle. Surprised can do more than 4 this time and last but its being done. Could go right to 105 with 2 and 1/2 plates next time or another two quarter pounders so change to 105 regular plate will be real easy like a rest week. Think on it.

Back Squat 123 goal 10 reps this is plus 2 pound see if can do 10 try hard. Did 10 excellent even bumped apparatus some on way up had to walk back a bit to make more room at one point very good. Felt weight on traps throughout movement more so than last time I think, just taking note of it, not a major thing.

Straightleg Deadlift with 170 plus 5 pounds just do what I can do. did 15 fingers giving on left side did like two rips with them hanging on with thumb not mashing in. Did slower than usual I think also less slam down noise. Right hand was holding firm though. Aim for 17 reps next time although 16 will be acceptable. Might be time to start microloading on next 20 rep reaching point, think on it.

Dumbell Row 75 pounds plus bar just see how many reps I get. goal 8 and 6 doing after upright row did 9 excellent right and 6 left with left wrist soreness/sensation after, trouble balancing weight also left side, not as bad as one time a few workouts back but noticeable. Good though. Right side felt extra strong felt I could do another rep with a bit of cheat.

Upright Row Narrow 102 goal 7 reps did 7 about usual form and cheaty reps a bit more at end good though.

Power Clean with big wheels 135 for reps goal 6 reps did 6 reps good. Did rest a bit between reps 4 5 and 6 even bigger rest before rep 6 of 5 or 10 seconds maybe more. Good though. Rep 6 actually deadlifted without doing movement then lowered rested a few seconds and could complete this is good. When get to 10 reps may begin microloaing think on it. Seemed kinda light and real easy to lower on first few reps. rep 4 5 and 6 seemed a bit tougher though but went up ok. Try for 7 reps next time. Could begin microloading when get to 10 reps or soon see how next workout goes if gain a rep or not.

Dumbell Curl heavy 40 plus bar or 44 goal 12 and 9 did 12 and 9 excellent. If can get 10 reps left next workour or workout after will increase weight to 42.5 plus bar or 46.5 getting ever so closer to 50 for reps.