Weight Training Workout Log for July 12th 2006

wide military 90 pounds 7 reps is goal did 7 reps good

front squat 90 pounds 9 reps is goal did 8 reps went down to fail and try but rep 9 couldn't do failed at bottom knee scrapped plate a bit on floor even. Did nice and slow noticed the real focus part was holding the weight. Could begin alternating with back squat ass to floor sooon also.

Heavy deadlift 225 pounds 5 reps is goal did 2 and finger slipping the entire time perhaps because of sweat set down briefly after one rep even. Will do better next time, just letting this stand as is. Don't think I got the best grip tried for a bit settled and this could be result. Could be deadlift requires more rest between also or just finger thing will see.

Barbell Row 155 new movement just seeing what can do Did 5 reps stabalizing in hamstrings felt the most and tendency to vary angle on movement by bending legs. When keep legs straight basically movement seems consistant otherwise I tend to perhaps vary upper bank angle to make easier. Keep a little bend perhaps just work on this.

not going to do two lifts similar in one workout light heavy deadlifth and straight will alternate probably from now on makes workout shorter too. Lifts to add upright row, straightleg deadlift (alternating workout to workout with regular), dumbell curl (alternating heavy, light, max) Dumbell row(alternating),

New movements to consider (bench press or two arm pushup)can't do these two and one arm pushups as did before.) Pullups/Chinups