Weight Training Workout Log for Wednesday December 20th

Military Press Narrow 98 pounds plus 1 pound goal 10 reps did 10 reps 9 rep sorta tough 10 surprised it went up tough. (before work)

Back Squat done off a pair of sawhorses which function as a cheap power cage for wieght lifting 125 plus 2 pounds goal 10 reps did 10 repe excellent (before work noon or so)

Reverse Grip Military Press 105.5 goal 5 reps (before work)

Straightleg deadlift 170 goal 17 reps after work (1:45 to 2 am and all lifts after) did 17 fingers held real well. Felt in glutes and hamstrings a lot on the struggle on rep 17 but lifted and even held at top a second or so, very good.

Upright Row narrow 102.5 goal 7 reps did 7 reps, touching chin with some force or not at all it seems. Last rep big time lean in as well as few before. resting at like rep 4 I notice. Seems to be consistant form ever how non perfect workout to workout so its progress. Could go back to 100 when get to 105 and aim for 8 to 10 very good reps, well think on it.

Dumbell Row 75 plus bar goal 10 and 7 (last time had wrist trouble balancing on left side see how it is this time) did 8 left first with good control and 11 right plus 2 reps both sides very very good. When get to 10 reps will increase weight.

Power Clean with 135 from floor adding in push press at top to be different with 135 experimental goal 7 reps although the push press part might be tough and cost me overall reps, will see. did 7 cleans and 4 I think push presses overhead might have been 3 but I think it was 4 pretty sure. Felt in wrists on last few reps when holding at top. Might do clean and press every other power clean workout or just ever so often. Think on it did not try for clean 8 thought I was done, but cleans seem to be getting easier with this weight and better leg dip technique. Did not attempt rep 5 push press because I thought that was all I had, might could have gotten close. Noticed on push press lockout there is pause and I like strict press it out, don't just push press as smooth to lockout, there is a pause then a muscled out lock out at least on last rep or two push press. I seem to lower push press weight to position under control. Clean lower is controlled but not as much so.

Dumbell Curl 40 plus bar or 44 goal 13 and 10 really want the 10 left so can increase weight 2.5 pounds or so. really want the 10 reps left. Did 9 and 11 and they were tough. Next workout I hope I can get to 10 left and 13 right. Really want that 10 left. Not gaining reps and right rep loss could be due to way increased dumbell row reps plus 2 instead of one. Next workout I hope to get to 10 left reps. I really want that so can increase the weight. Since increased to this weight on november 8th two times have been at same reps two weeks in a row so this is not uncommon. Wish to no tmake this a third time in a row so really want that 10 reps left side. If can't increase reps in next workout or one after that will begin microloading could do quarter combined with rep gain attempt or strictly microload without real hope of rep gain. See how it goes.