Weight Training Workout Log for Thursday December 28th Part 1

Small break in lifting due to christmas holiday and games

Military Press narrow trying 100 x 10 2 pound increase rather than one just going for it. May just do 9 reps will see. could only do 8 hmm. Thought it would have been 9. Do regular 1/2 increase on wide grip next time. Rep 8 was a real struggle also. Switch to 2 and a 1/2 poundplates could cause more weight increase than I anticipated. Next time wide grip normal weight increase then normal grip maybe 98.5 or so goal 10 reps, shall see how it goes. Could be a fluke this time or due to 2 and a half weighing more than equivalent microload, or light gun game really worked shoulder as did it many days. Will see. Holding at top more and rep speed could be a factor in reps. Seemed awkward have not worked in this rep range and hand spacing in a while. Reverse grip military 106 goal 5 reps. could only get 4 reps up and rep 4 was real struggly. Try next time and see with wide grip and regular 1/2 increase and keep at 106 for reverse grip. Could be all the gun work that is the cause or lack of food or just a fluke or due to not practicing lift in a bit. Will see next time.

Back Squat 130 a big 5 pound increase just do what can do. did 7 reps

Friday December 29th Part 2

Straightleg Deadlift 170 pounds goal 18 reps did 18 reps very good fingers held firm. Felt right loosening but not really thumb stayed mashed into fingers throughoug. Did not try for rep 19 because could tell hamstrings and glutes could not do it. But lowered straightleg slow also. Felt heavy first rep on hamstrings but couldd do 18 very good.

Upright Row Narrow 103 goal 7 reps did only 6 reps so delts overall are weaker this workout could be do to gun game holding for hours. Will see next workout if this is the factor. Reps were a struggle had to lean in early also on this.

Dumbell row 75 plus bar goal 12 and 9 did 12 and 9. Slight balance issue with left side but all pulled up ok.

Power Clean from floor with 135 goal 8 reps not doing push press this time because delts are weaker for unknown reason. Sometimes this just happens to all wieght lifters like having an off day. Did 8 reps very good left wrist felt sensation at top of lift. Done with almost no rest between reps except slight pause on rep 8.

Dumbell Curl heavy 44 plus bar goal 13 and 10 really want the 10 left though. only 11 right good form though trying for 10 left real hard even if have to cheat a bit up the last one want to do without momentum though. Did lower right real slow could be factor. did 10 left last two a slight momentum cheat I think did lower faster. Not full cheats though just angle change an dmaybe slight umpth at bottom. Counting this and increasing to 42.5 plus bar or 46.5.