Stregth Training Workout Log for Monday January 1 2007

Wide Grip Military Press 102.5 goal 8 reps might only do 7 because did less reps last narow grip press workout, will see did 8 reps good last workout may have been fluke or perhaps used heavier 25's by mistake. . Reverse Grip Military press same weight as last time goal plus 1 rep 106 goal 5 reps did 5 reps very good.

Front Squat 112 goal 9 reps did 9 reps rep 10 I failed and lowered against thighs. Felt easier and good form on first 5 or 6 reps then knees bowed in slightly but weight seemed easier to handle with better form throughout I believe. Felt in left wrist during movement though.

Bent Leg Deadlift 227 goal 10 reps did 10 reps felt fluids moving about a bit in stomach, felt fingers giving a bit but they held real firm could even hold at top of last rep well. Seemd doubtful I would do 10 at rep 7 or 8 point. Very good. Need to decide if will microload from here 1 or two pounds a workout or continue jumps in 5 pound increments

Upright Row wide 98.5 goal 9 reps 8 will suffice though. Did 8 reps with last one a lean in, good though. Rested at about rep 6 will do 1/2 pound a workout increases on this now perhaps.

Barbell Row 172 goal 7 reps with pause at top. did 7 reps last two reps not really touching abs but did pause them in the position. Could be did low back angle different. Might have to settle for 1 pound a workout or 1 rep but not both. See how next workout is. Have not barbell rowed in two weeks because maxed the one workout. Next time probably focus on 7 good reps with 173 not worrying about 8 and just focusing on form. Probably a combination of accidental and getting weak on last reps that lead to not all the way to abs on last two reps. Was shaking the entire time a bit on lower and even raise I think. Can raise faster only wish to hold and lower slow remember that. Still no low back momentum just change angle of low back to make easier I think standing near vertical last few reps. Work on this focus on form consistancy bending legs a bit now not going straightleg at least. Might try cheat barbell rows something with a lot of low back momentum to see what I can do with those I am curious add extremely slow lower to that also. But next time just plus 1 pound and focus on good reps to abs even if can't gain a rep also.

Trying Snatch with wide grip half way between ring and end of knurling with 95 pounds experimental first time. Did 6 reps hard to lower on each rep too I notice. Picked grip not as wide on last rep 6. Hang Clean skipping this workout probably will return next workout unless decide to alternate power cleans and snatches instead of hang clean and power cleans.

Barbell Curl with 95 skipping the high rep concentration curls today, probably will do next week though goal 5 reps did 5 reps good. then more than 145 on cheat curls.from floor doing 135 145 150 135 easy could lower under control 145 spit fell from mouth lower not quite as under control and grunt noise I believe 150 did 155 very tough walked about a bit struggled to get balance but could hold easy at top, lower not as much under control. Hard on wrist trying to get weight balanced on the right wrist, walked around a bit. Felt a bit uneasy on wright wrist during top part and rebalancing but was ok. Trying 160 for kicks could not do.. From hang is different I know. Did bodyweight 155 on these cheat curls from floor I am impressed. Wonder how much harder it is for me from hang.